Barcelona – Gaudis Cathedral

Simply amazing, the architecture is so incredible. Loved it!


A person who ne…

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

-Albert Einstein


Another advert using the shocking and ‘in your face’ idea to get the message across clearly and quickly.



Guerilla advertsing – shocking advertising thats in your face and honest. Making people face the cold truth – theres no getting away from it ‘they’re’ telling us how it is. I really love the way this is done, you cant help but look at the design to see what it is saying and what the message is.



Using the type to illustrate the meaning of the word. I love the simplicity and thinking within this piece.



This caught my attention as its got two uses – a bookshelf and a seat. The unique-ness to this object/piece drew me in and I wanted to take a closer look.

My obsession continues…

Indian Eagle Owl

…close up photograph of an owl. I just love owls!

Parish foods and goods


I love the typography in this design and the organic feel it has – this comes across as linking to the company as it is a foods and goods company so they may want to come across as sustainable, green and organic (all the ‘good’ healthy ways of living) this would be a positive message to its customers.



#webdesign #inspiration #bakery #cupcake

This is a really friendly design due to the use of circles and the warm, friendly colours that have been used. I really like the layout and think its a bit different to what you usually see – normally most designs are very ‘square’ and don’t often use circles as a main shape. I like the unique-ness to this design.

Table and chairs


Interesting way of having a table and chairs. They are all connected making it one piece. I found this really interesting and eye catching – made me take a second look at it to work out what was going on.