This caught my attention as its got two uses – a bookshelf and a seat. The unique-ness to this object/piece drew me in and I wanted to take a closer look.


My obsession continues…

Indian Eagle Owl

…close up photograph of an owl. I just love owls!

Parish foods and goods


I love the typography in this design and the organic feel it has – this comes across as linking to the company as it is a foods and goods company so they may want to come across as sustainable, green and organic (all the ‘good’ healthy ways of living) this would be a positive message to its customers.



#webdesign #inspiration #bakery #cupcake

This is a really friendly design due to the use of circles and the warm, friendly colours that have been used. I really like the layout and think its a bit different to what you usually see – normally most designs are very ‘square’ and don’t often use circles as a main shape. I like the unique-ness to this design.

Table and chairs


Interesting way of having a table and chairs. They are all connected making it one piece. I found this really interesting and eye catching – made me take a second look at it to work out what was going on.




I thought this was really clever – incorporating one angle within another by seeing the front of the persons face and also the side of his face in one shot. Really clever and makes you look closer at it.


Folded book page art

I love the high level of creativity that this piece has and how obvious the message is but the way in which it has been presented or illustrated may not be as obvious i.e. cutting the words into the pages of the book. Love the creativity and thinking behind this design.


double decker design

I really like the connotations within this design and they way they actual word represents a key aspect that everyone relates to London – the big red London double decker bus. I love the simple typography that has been used within the design aswell.


Toilet Paper Roll Owls

I’ve got a bit of an obsession with owls at the moment and found these really cute toilet roll storage holder things that are made to look like owls. I love the vibrant colours and also the patterns that have been used.

I dont know why I like it, I just do…

Some inspiration for my logo as I am going for a retro look. Keeping the colours and detail minim but bold shapes and type like these logos.

Something caught my attention about this design. I love the simplistic style and colours that have been used within it. Also, the ‘stamp’ feel that some of the elements have. I love the typographic layout and style that has been used.