This simple picture of a owl really caught my eye – i love the way its all centred aroud the idea of coffee – the body of the owl is made of coffee beans and the eyes are coffee cups/mugs. Simple but I love it!


Inspiring Typography


I found this piece of design whilst browsing the internet. I love the way there are two messages within the piece (one is about good typography and one about bad), the message behind the phrase link them both together in a clever and thoughtful way. I really like the simplicity of this piece and how two very similar messages can be shown together in two completley opposing ways.



I had Nandos for dinner the other day and noticed the design on the bottles of sauce and marinade. I really like the warm and friendly feel the design gives to the audience. Aslo, i like the choice of different colours for the different type of sauces. The paper that these labels are printed on is very high quality and had a rough texture to it which gives a rustic sense to the design which is refelcted in the way they present the food and the environment also.