Jones and Gymrn crisp packet


Cheese and onion flavour crisps


Sea salt flavour crisps


Salt and vinegar flavour crisps


I was in tescos this morning looking down the crisp isle and this design caught my attention. The vibrant, bright colours and the simple but playful and friendly design really caught my eye and made me want to pick the packet up and read into it more. On the actual packet (what you cant see in these images above) the colours are slightly metallic which gives an sense of luxury and expensive without the expensive price tag. I just really like these designs.


My Waitrose



I really love these new Waitrose designs for the new ‘My Waitrose’ brand. I love the way the logo is very well incorporated into the content of the brand. Also, how it has been distorted slightly (in the soup). The vibrant colours of the logo and the food used draw your attention into the brand and excite you to read on.

The greatest pl…

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”

Complete branding – from the interior to the food, brand to the coffee cups

Found this on Behance and loved the natural and organic feel to the designs – through the colours and materials used. I also really like the logo they have created, it is like a stamp and i really like the texture that it creates (how the ink sits on the material).


I really like the way this piece is ‘organized chaos’. The final outcome is well considered and constructed – each element is in a certain place for a reason and it looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Alex Clare – Too Close (Taken 2)

I love this video and how the song and the lyrics link into the film.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Watched this film for the first time at the weekend and absolutley loved it. It is such a heart warming and lovely film, that really allows you to feel part of it. Its storyline is based upon 9/11 which i can certainly remember very clearly – making it feel although you are part of the journey. Absolutley brilliant film!