The rustic aesthetic that Next have shown through this clothes tag is friendly and inviting. The string they have used to attach the tag to the item of clothing, enhances the rustic feel. Instead of having a plastic ring attaching the tag to the clothes, in which scissors are needed to cut the tag off. This shows how the Next tag is user friendly and different from its competitors. The colour used gives off a eco-friendly, natural feel.



Clothes tags




This is a clothes tag from a pair of jeans I brought, I really love the typographical focus that the tag has to it. I have a passion for typography – just love anything to do with typography, the shapes it creates between the letters, all the negative space inside the letters themselves. This tag is bold and in your face, it tells you exactly what you need to know about the product straight away. The metallic feel that the letters themselves have creates a bit of interest and excitement within the design.

Perfume sample



This was a sample of perfume that I received and just had to keep the packaging that it came in. They way it opens is really interesting – it took me a while to work out how to open the product but when I finally realized how to do it I thought it was really clever. It got me to engage with the product which is what designers aim to do in order to sell a product.

Booklet design






This is an art catalogue from the college I studied my A-levels at. It is showcasing the students work within the art department. At the time I was given the booklet I didn’t take much notice of the design of the actual publication – but now, after studying Graphics at degree level, I noticed how all the elements were laid out on the page and the design of the publication really stood out to me. I have been inspired by the design, it has given me ideas of how I can design my own creative journal. The way colour has been used to section off the pages is bold and confident, which is something that is important within design, for both the reader and the designer themselves.

Seeing the literal meaning of the word visually…

Using the ‘up’ and ‘down’ symbols as the letters within the word creates a level of interest and excitement as the word is still legible but a bit more exciting to read.

Make smart choices in your life…

Clever typography really captures my attention as you have to look more than once to get the full message. I really like the message behind this ‘make smart choices in your life – make art your life’


Interesting way to incorporate both elements within the name into one design/logo. Clever thinking again which makes the viewer take a second glance.



I like the way this letter turns into what looks like smoke. It adds a 3D feel to the otherwise ‘flat’ letter.

Smoking advert


Really clever and thought about info-graphic about smoking – really love the connotations it has with the percentage and how it has been illustrated.


Pinned Image

This typographic piece really stood out too me – i love the colours that have been used, they are bright and draw your eye to the piece. The typography has been carefully considered and works really well in the layout chosen.